Doodle Art Workshop

7th May - 9th July 2023


The workshop will be a 3-hour long session where you will be introduced to the basics of Doodling. It is for everyone who wants to give the art form a chance and learn it right from its elementary form.

All four of us are beyond ecstatic to cover 24 cities, clocking in more than 7,000 km on road and taking more than 30 workshops to spread the magic of Doodle.

Things you will learn in the Doodle Art Workshop

What is Doodling?

You will learn the basics of the art, knowledge about the various tools and skills will be provided to you, and materials to go with it to aid you in your Doodle journey.

Doodling as a Therapy

Being a therapeutic process, Doodling calms your mind and aligns your thoughts in the right direction. It will also help people going through stress and experiencing difficult times.

Doodling consciously

The sessions will also help you get insights into the power of observations and how to implement them into your doodles. It also goes for any type work you are trying to achieve.

Doodling Subconsciously

One of the best things about doodling is that it helps bring our subconscious thoughts outward. It brings our imagination into manifestation.

Idea Generation

This goes for any type of work you are trying to do, whether it is artistic or not. It helps a great deal to scribble your thoughts in the form of shapes and then map out a concrete plan to implement them.

Doodling people

Doodling will help you doodle the faces of people and capture emotions through the shapes of lines.

Doodling for Work

This is very important for people from a non-art background as Doodling will help you sketch out plans, take notes in visual form during meetings, and do a quick sketch to convey ideas to your colleagues.

Doodling to make friends

With DAW, we are planning to bring like-minded people together to share ideas and a sense of belonging. You will be able to make new connections with a community of fellow doodlers and create friendships and long-lasting memories to cherish.


Every participant will be provided with their own personal tote bag in which they can carry their supplies and tools. You don’t have to bring anything, just a will to learn and get better through regular practice.

Supplies from the Tote bag

  1. DAW Stationary Pouch- Black Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Ruler, Scissors, Paintbrush.
  2. Markers- Bold and Thin
  3. DAW Workbook
  4. DAW Sketchbook
  5. DAW Fridge Magnet

The DAW Workbook is specially designed for the workshop where you will be doodling as facilitated.

Terms & conditions

  • Age Limit: 16+ years.
  • Ticket booked for a particular day and slot will only be applicable for the same.
  • Entry will only be permissible for the day and time slot mentioned.
  • Once booked, tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • The ticket will not be redeemable for any other future event.
  • Children will not be permitted to accompany their parents.
  • Children older than 16+ years will only be permissible with a separate ticket.
  • Walk-in tickets will not be availed by the organizers.
  • Tickets are non-transferable, only the holder of the ticket will be permitted to the session.
  •  Ticket refund is applicable only in situations of natural calamities.
  • Required materials and supplies will be provided by the organizers of the workshop.

What Our Students Have to Say


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